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Physical and mental wellness is an important part of everyone’s life. Only those with proper mental and physical health are able to live a satisfactory life. With this knowledge, it’s the responsibility of everyone to think about wellness. Luckily, there are professionals to guide you through the journey.

At LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic, we help our clients take their fitness to the next level by developing strategies that work for them. From planning a budget-friendly program to crafting an effective health loss plan, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

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If you’re looking for an integrative and functional medicine clinic in Chevy Chase, MD, look no further than the LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic. The clinic offers various services, such as COVID-19 testing, weight management, preventive medicine, urgent care, disease management, telehealth, emerald laser weight loss, body sculpting services, and other services to assist you in reaching optimal health.

Emerald Laser Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

Is your BMI (body mass index) approximately 40? Then, the LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic is here for you with emerald laser weight loss and body sculpting. The weight loss procedure focuses on the areas of stubborn fat. Additionally, it is a solo device cleared by FDA (Food and drug administration) after numerous tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness to you.
The emerald laser focuses on liquefying your fat cells. Moreover, the LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic practitioner uses Low-level light therapy (LLLI) to stimulate the fatty cells. The machine uses electromagnetic energy in the same wavelength as your body cells. Interestingly, you do not feel anything as the laser does not heat the tissues.

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Our Process

Instead, the laser pokes holes in your fat cells, and the fatty acids leak through the walls to the lymph systems, where you poop them out. Consequently, the cells shrink, thus causing weight loss. Do you want to lose weight but have limited time?

You should try the LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic over lunch and walk like you are leaving the movie theatre, feeling refreshed and lighter. Additionally, nobody will know you underwent a weight loss procedure unless you disclose it publicly. Luckily, it takes approximately 15 minutes with no surgery or bruising on your body.

Emerald Laser Results

In comparison, the emerald laser towers over other weight loss procedures such as lipectomy, cryolipolysis, or fat freezing.

For instance, the fat-freezing procedure uses low temperatures to reduce fat in certain areas. The primary function of fat freezing is to remove fat non-respondent to fat exercise and diet. However, it’s possible to get side effects, such as;

  • Gain weight after the procedure
  • It is primarily for people with good general health and deadly for people with obesity.
  • It may result in irregular skin surfaces after healing.
  • A positive result takes about three to six months.

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What is Lipectomy

A lipectomy is a form of surgery that removes excess skin and fat through a minor liposuction procedure. However, the process has numerous demerits, such as:

  • Damage to underlying structures.
  • Undesirable results, thus the need for more procedures
  • Body irregularities and indentations.
  • Post-operative pain.
  • Frequent visits to the clinic for follow-up 2-3 days at first, followed by three weeks, then six weeks.
  • It is lethal if performed by an inexperienced surgeon.

On the winning side, emerald laser fat removal has no known side effects. Instead, it ensures that the fat cells remain intact. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, it is the only fat-loss device that supports people with a BMI of up to 40mg/cm. Therefore, this procedure is perfect for reshaping your body regularly and effectively over a short period, a process known as body contouring or body sculpting.

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IV Infusion Therapy

IV infusion therapy is the process of delivering nutrients to the bloodstream for immediate absorption. The process results in a 90-100% absorption rate because it bypasses the digestive system.

According to research by John Hopkins, approximately 9.5% of Americans above 18 years suffer from depression, and 18% have anxiety disorders. Additionally, 85% of Americans suffer from malnutrition unknowingly. Surprisingly, only 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle.

In the current world, the effects of pollution from insecticides and poor soil conditions have resulted in uncertainty in making decisions about the food we eat. Therefore, there is a continuous need for supplements and vitamins.

Additionally, malabsorption may lead to indigestion or malnutrition due to the body’s inability to absorb the nutrients.

There are different types of malabsorption, such as:

  • Carbohydrate malabsorption
  • Fat malabsorption
  • Bile malabsorption
  • Acid malabsorption
  • Protein malabsorption

Our customers often ask questions we need to answer to the best of our knowledge. Below are some commonly asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Weight Does Body Sculpting Help You Lose?
You will realize a 20-25% fat loss through body sculpting. However, the fat loss will not migrate to another part of the body or affect your fat cells. As a result, you will look thinner but may not lose weight. However, you can call us at 878-778-7837 for guidance on the maximum weight you can lose.

2. Should I Lose Weight Before Sculpting?
For successful risk eradication, it is essential to get your body mass index below 30. Weight loss reduces risks associated with body contouring, such as blood clots and wound healing. However, there is no recommended exact amount of weight loss that you should lose.

3. How Long do Results Last for Body Sculpting?
Body sculpting results may last more than ten years under normal circumstances. However, to have a long-lasting effect, you must exercise regularly and keep a good diet to maintain a steady weight.

4. What are IV Infusions used For?
IV infusions inject fluids directly into the bloodstream when you are dehydrated. Your healthcare provider decides what IV fluids you need, such as Crystalloid solutions or colloids. After the injections, you will feel better very fast.

5. What is the Difference Between IV Therapy and Infusion Therapy?
Practitioners often confuse IV therapy and infusion therapy. However, infusion therapy involves injecting a needle or catheter into a part of the patient’s body. Additionally, it delivers medicine or hydration into the bloodstream. They treat chronic conditions such as Sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriasis, and Dermatomyositis.

Intravenous therapy, on the other hand, involves the delivery of fluids or drugs via a peripherally positioned venous access device (VAD).

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