Weight Management in Rockville, MD

At LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic, our Licensed Medical Weight Loss providers work with you to customize a weight-loss management plan. Highly personalized based on your unique metabolism, hormonal disorders, medication, and other physical weight loss challenges. We also offer non-invasive weight loss options.

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Our Weight-Loss Plans

Behavioral Counseling is at the core of what we do. You can choose from one of three programs, which may include a medically supervised food plan, appetite/craving management, injections to boost your metabolism, lifestyle and motivational coaching and science-based activity recommendations. Our program is Fast, Safe, and Affordable (Covered by Insurance *)

Weight Management

Quick Start Plan

Meal Replacement Therapy for all meals

Weight Management

Modified/Transition Plan

Meal replacement Therapy for breakfast & Lunch

Weight Management

Ease In Plan

Meal Replacement Therapy for all meals

How It Works

Reserve Your Appointment

Get an email with a link to fill out a weight-focused profile questionnaire

Complete Your Medical & Lifestyle Profile before your initial visit

Receive A Healthy Weight Screening

A body composition scale analysis with personalized metrics, including risk factors, associated with your weight.

Physical exam, Electrocardiogram (EKG), and blood draw.

Consultation With A Provider

Getting to know you

Review your medical history, screening report, and profile questionnaire

Setting up weight loss goals

Discuss challenges

At the end of your visit, you’ll have a plan personalized just for you!

*Insurance may cover your weight loss screening and follow-up behavioral counseling visits. Check with your insurance company