Preventative Medicine in Rockville, MD

You care about your health, so you can maintain it through preventive care services with Malvis Tamon, DNP, at LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Tamon offers a variety of preventive medicine services, including physicals and health screenings, to help you live the healthiest life possible, with or without chronic conditions. To learn more, contact the office by phone or via the online booking tool.

Preventive Medicine Q&A

Preventative Medicine in Rockville, MD

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is a medical service dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain the best health possible. Through preventive care, Dr. Tamon focuses on your current health and strives to lessen any future decline in your health, leading to significant improvements in your wellness.

If you struggle with a disease, such as diabetes, your preventive care also addresses the management of this chronic condition through regular checkups and an appropriate ongoing treatment plan.

As a primary care provider, Dr. Tamon also offers specific physical examinations to clear you for numerous activities and procedures, such as pre-employment physicals, preoperative physicals, and sports physicals.

What are some examples of preventive care services?

At LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic, Dr. Tamon offers preventive care services such as:

  • Annual physical exams

  • High blood pressure evaluations

  • Cholesterol screenings

  • Diabetes screenings

  • Basic and comprehensive health screenings

  • Vaccinations

Give us a call or get in touch with our online representatives if you need help determining whether you should go to our urgent care clinic or if you require emergency care.

During physical examinations such as these, Dr. Tamon checks your:

  • Blood pressure

  • Heart rate

  • Body temperature

  • Throat and tonsils

  • Hearing and ear health

  • Vision

  • Abdomen

  • Heart and lung function

  • Lymph nodes

  • Reflexes and balance

She also assesses any other relevant aspects of your physical or mental health, such as looking for signs of substance dependency, which may make it unsafe for you to perform certain tasks.

Who benefits from preventive medicine?

Preventive care is important for everyone. These regular checkups help Dr. Tamon catch any potential health issues early, so that she can treat them before they become serious.

If Dr. Tamon discovers a potential issue during a preventive care visit, she can provide further testing or treatment. She may schedule you for a follow-up visit or refer you to a specialist in order to ensure your health.

Preventive care is also beneficial to individuals with chronic conditions. Routine checkups allow Dr. Tamon to make suggestions for lifestyle modifications and/or medication changes to ensure your condition is well-managed.

Preventive care is the first building block of good health. Don’t neglect your foundation. Instead, book your appointment for preventive care with Dr. Tamon and the team at LJ Medical Health and Wellness Clinic today. Call the practice or reach out through the online booking tool here on the website.


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